Cammadon Turathiel

Aasimar Justicar and Pledge to the Order of Szygy


“Follow Always the Great Law” is the tattoo, written in the Star Elf dialect, that marks the right-side of Cammadon’s face.

I find that most creatures do not have a concept of the Great Law, or they may simply choose to follow other inspiration. That is my own personal explanation for being so paranoid. Though I’m certain that my mother’s Followers have their own opinions.

I bear most of those Followers no ill will. However, for the select few who chose to bully, torment, or trick me as a child – I now realize they have made me stronger than I appear.

Despite a slight frame, I am strong and pure. Somehow I will find a way to use these qualities to help others, or to destroy the wicked. Whichever comes first.

Being always hungry for reward or danger, I pledged service to the Order of Szygy and learned more and more about our incredible Lord and visionary founder, Astoroth. I pray to him whenever I remember to pray.

But the lore of the Star Elves also burns somewhere within me. And I desire the songs and tales of heroes both old and new.


Growing up without any parents, but within the dense, magical forests of Lothlorien, was usually quite boring. I had to find ways to entertain myself, and frequently found myself lost in the wilderness.

On one such journey I met a distraught sprite who requested my help in finding her friend Winterbrau. Somehow, I found him very quickly, even though he had turned himself to stone in order to hide from the sprite. I was fascinated by the cute and tiny tree, even though he could not speak. Maybe it was the namesake white lichen which mottled his bark, which reminded me of my own striking countenance, and made me feel less exotic.

Winterbrau wanted to travel with me. And so, with the blessing of the creatures of the woods, I brought him to the Everbearing Spring (a demiplane created by my mother). He loved it there, and over time I started to wonder if he understood more than I realized.

He pointed me to some of my mother’s journal entries on my ancestors, the Star Elves. He attempted to snatch a bastard sword from a Tree Warden (I intervened). But much credit to the Warden, though; who suggested the possibility that these were all Divine signs.

Sometimes I wonder if he is still back in Lothlorien, or perhaps was an emissary intended to point me in the right direction…

Cammadon Turathiel

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