Chancellor Barracus

Former ruler of Edme (Deceased)


Formerly the headmaster of the College of Edme, Barracus is an aged, grey haired human in his mid-60s. He has long worked on a tome of knowledge about the history of the Red Revolution, and occasionally reminisces about those times with something like nostalgia.

Having taken control over the war-scarred city of Edme following the mysterious death of the previous mayor, Chancellor Barracus has established a harsh order. Armed groups patrol the city in order to protect the citizens from the dangers lurking outside, and upon learning of the Talons’ continued presence, rallied the half-starved citizenry to flush out and destroy the interlopers and agitators.

Epilogue: Barracus’s reign met a sudden end as the Talons of Arcadia swept into town at the head of a small army, taking control of the city and taking the chancellor into custody. Revealing that he’d been working with the mysterious knight in an effort to hide the Final Blades from Arcadian authorities at the behest of the Grey Gardeners (the group dedicated to maintaining the artifacts). He met his end as the transformed blade took his life and imprisoned his soul.


Chancellor Barracus

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