Princess Allura Andramelech

Heir to the Autarchy


Age: 43
Race: Half Elf
Height: 5’7" Weight: ??? lbs
Nationality: Arcadian

A stunning half-elf with black hair and luminous purple eyes, Princess Allura’s forty three years since her birth comprise only a portion of her early life’s experienced time. Raised within special demiplanes, she has spent decades training with the best Arcadia had to offer. Regarded as the nation’s “first daughter,” she has been beloved by the people since her birth.

Known for her trend-setting taste in revealing clothing, even more noticeable is the aura of power she seems to radiate, a sense of majesty and incorruptible resolve. Her confidence seems limitless, and though nobody seems to have actually seen it, rumors speak of a powerful guardian that watches over the princess, waiting for its time to strike.

Two years ago, the Autarch spoke of his long journey, and handed over Arthuvial, the Iron Crown, to his daughter. Amid the unease caused by the great leader’s sudden departure, Allura assumed her role as heir and began her familiarization with the process of ruling the large nation.


Princess Allura Andramelech

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