Arcadian Cities

Central Arcadia, the Heart of the Nation

The Outer Territories, the Arcadian Frontier

Sovereign Territories
Saurian Territory Concentrated from the southern shore of Lake Hooktongue through the swamps and flooded forests between Blackrock and Mivon, the reclusive and rarely-met descendents of original lizardfolk have thrived.
The Fey Preserve The western half of southern Knallhart Forest is governed by a group of fey, longtime allies of Knallhart.
The Erastil Preserve
Centaur Lands East of Hyperborea lies the independent holdings of the Silverflame Centaur tribe, although this distinction is largely honorary.
Stone Giant Lands Deep within the Tors of Levine, stone giants have built a colossal dwelling for themselves, using a network of ancient cyclopean ruins as their foundation.

Greater Arcadia, “The Commonwealth”
Embreth Forest

Arcadian Cities

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