Arcadian Organizations

Arcadia is home to a variety of special interests, each with its own purpose and needs. Each institution is respected, and all are represented on the council of governance, although some are more beloved by the citizenry than others.

Pick one faction to join. It is not a life-long commitment, but each will provide some future benefit and possible side missions for special rewards, as well as an initial bonus. Classes denoted in parenthesis are the most common member (aside from the unseen masses of “experts”), but unless there is an “only” notation, they are open to any.

Civilian Factions: citizens looking inward.

The Arcane Tower The catch-all name for the combined magical institutions and universities throughout greater Arcadia. Dozens of specialty disciplines are counted amongst its members, but most prominent are:
The Institute of Coordinated Battle Magic (ICBM). Training mages in both destructive spells and the tactics that are best suited for large scale conflicts.
The Artificer’s Union (AU). Forging a better Arcadia through constructs and magical machinery.
Council for a Better Tomorrow: utopianists seeking to raise the citizen’s lives up even further through magical initiatives and expansive study.

Blackrock Clan: The adopted clan of many of the dwarves, and most of the finest craftsmen, that inhabit Blackrock Depths. (dwarves only)

The Shadow Network: a top secret organization nobody has ever heard about, aside from all of those rumors. Headquartered in Callstio, Song of Solace Elite Bardic Academy. (bard, rogue)

The Inspired: dedicated servants of Astoroth helping to oversee the kingdom and aid its endeavors with arcane and divine magic. Headquartered in Callisto, the Arcadian Palace.. (cleric, exemplar, oracle, sorcerer, warpriest)

The Prayers: Primarch Ralga’s extensive, pluralistic network of healers, growers and people of suitable faiths that serve the needs of Arcadia’s citizens, promoting health and wellness along with an appreciation for the ancestors and the gods. Headquartered in Callisto, The Temple of Time Cathedral (any)

The Puella Magi: A vast network of Astoroth Inquisitors, shaped into a tightly-knit sisterhood dedicated to defeating the threats posed to Arcadia’s cities, both from without and within. Final arbiters of justice, they both police and judge the citizens according to Arcadian Law and Autarchian Decree. Headquartered in Callisto. (inquisitor only, female only)

Redemptionists The often-silent, always-stoic monks dedicated to the teachings and philosophy of Primarch Ilya, serving Arcadia as impartial jailors and custodians of criminals and using their knowledge of the physical arts to help enlighten minds and reform behaviors. Headquartered in Callisto. (monk)

The Shapers’ Guild: Specialists who selectively breed and manipulate the nation’s animal population, using magic and genetics to awaken Arcadia’s animal allies to their full potential. Responsible for the Arcadian appaloosa, dire-sized pigs, and walking, talking mammoths, if rumor is to be believed. Headquartered in Equestria. (cavalier, druid, hunter, summoner, wizard, dragon disciple)

The Technocracy Legendarily tight-lipped spellcasters and experts cleared to work with and build off of the rare, wondrous technology recovered from Numeria. Headquartered in Pitax. (sorcerer, summoner, wizard, technomancer)

Martial Factions: weapons pointing outward.

The Arcadian Army: led by General Malgos and overseen by graduates of his personalized education and training program, the Arcadian Army incorporates a diverse range of units, from part time militia to the elite shock infantry. (barbarian, brawler, fighter)

The Arcanium: the martial extension of the Arcane Tower, this faction of theorists and unconventional thinkers deals with the wide variety of offensive and defensive magical applications for modern combat. Headquartered in Arcania, .

Knight Orders: (cavalier, exemplar, fighter, warpriest)
The Order of Syzygy (as the Lion) are powerful and feared figures in Arcadian history, their valiant charges since the earliest conflicts earning the order a legendary reputation. They serve the Autarch, most typically as military forces. Headquartered in Arcania.

The Arcaknight Order (as the Shield) dedicates itself to upholding the safety and security of travellers within Arcadia. Originally based along the extensive network of roads connection the core of Arcadia, their mission has grown to encompass the supervision of the Teleport Network. Headquartered in Callisto, Convergence Point Fortress.

The Emerald Order (as the Beast) believes in the protection and preservation of the animal citizenry of Arcadia, both the human treatment of beasts of burden or food, and more specifically the well-being of the nation’s mastodons, hippogriffs, dire wolves and dinosaurs. Headquartered in Equestria.

The Land Wardens. Serving as the eyes and ears of Arcadia across great stretches of wilderness that separate cities, the Land Wardens can be found across the realm. Operating in small units, they specialize in patrolling the borders, tracking down threats and eliminating dangers in the field. Headquartered in Midgard. (druid, hunter, ranger)

The Sky Wardens A smaller, elite group working with some of Arcadia’s most precious and powerful resources to patrol the skies and harry Arcadian enemies from above atop proud hippogriffs, noble griffons and the legendary rocs. (Headquartered in Hyperborea, Rook Mountain. (cavalier, druid, hunter, ranger)

Arcadian Organizations

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