Arcadian Traits and Feats

Militia Training: Gain Proficiency: Exotic ( Arcuballista).
Know Thy Enemy: Gain a + 2 trait bonus to Knowledge checks made to identify creatures and enemies.
Intensive Studies: Choose one skill on your class list. Gain a + 2 trait bonus to that skill.
Non-traditional Studies: Choose one skill. Treat that skill as if it were on your class list, and gain a + 1 trait bonus to that skill.
Shaped Mount. Instead of a standard horse gained from the special mount class ability, the animal can be either an axe beak or a wolf. An axe beak, dog, horse or wolf mount can be modified with the celestial or shadow template.
Sword Scion: You begin play with a longsword or Aldori dueling sword and gain a +1 trait bonus on all attacks and combat maneuvers made with such weapons.

The Mark of the Autarch (Astoroth): Choose one attribute. Gain a + 1 inherent bonus to that attribute.


Armor Proficiency (Construct)
Gain proficiency in Guardian and Steamwork construct armor.

Fearsome Mount
Prerequisite(s): mount class feature
You can choose your mount from the following list of druid animal companions: allosaurus, ankylosaurus, axe beak, bear, boar, cat (big), elephant, roc, tyrannosaurus, wolf. The mount cannot be ridden until it meets the size requirement.

Focused Training
Pick a class. For the purposes of abilities that increase due to gaining class levels, add a + 3 bonus to your class level for determining the effect of that ability. This does not grant additional abilities beyond what the character’s actual class level allowed, it instead modifies existing abilities as if the character had continued to gain class levels. The bonus cannot increase the character’s effective class level above his overall character level. Animal companions, mounts, eidolons, familiars and other class-level-dependent creatures increase in effectiveness from this ability. Caster level increases, but no spells are gained.

Focused Mastery
Prerequisite: Character level 20, class level greater than 10 but less than 20. Gain the 20th level abilities granted to your highest level class.

You are considered trained in any skill used to operate, repair or create technological devices. (To repair or create, a technologist still requires access to the required manufacturing facility.)

Arcadian Traits and Feats

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