Character Creation

Graduates of the Arcadian educational institutions and heirs to a powerful legacy, Arcadian heroes enter their careers with greater advantages than the common adventurer. As descendants of the legendary heroes who founded Arcadia, you have inherited gifts and talents above the norm.

20 point build.
Powerful Lineage: Descendants of the legendary heroes who founded the nation (Knallhart and Overkill) are blessed with the inherent supernatural power of their lineage, receiving 23 points instead. Such is their exceptionalism that no attribute may be lower then 10 (before racial adjustments).

Characters begin at Level 2.

2,000 gp to purchase starting equipment.

Mandatory Education: Choose one free Arcadian Regional Trait in addition to two starting Traits.

Favored Class
Factional Specialization Arcadia is renowned for several of its specialist classes, and the institutions that have arisen around these integral occupations have resulted in highly skilled citizens tempered through constant challenge and competition.

The following classes grant two favored class bonuses per level. This could be either + 1 hit point and + 1 skill rank, or one of the former combined with a racial favored class bonus. Alternatively, instead of gaining 2 favored class bonuses, gain the favored class bonus of any race that is found in Arcadia.

Bard, Cavalier, Fighter, Inquisitor, Magus, Monk, Oracle, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Summoner

House Rules

Arcadian Races
Mostly from Complete Races, as well as rules for a Silverflame centaur.

Arcadian Classes – Exemplar

Arcadian Traits and Feats

Character Creation

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