Ffleuder Fflame

Blonde, spiky-haired bard


Tall, lanky, and in his early twenties, Ffleuder Fflame dresses in well-patched but expensive garments, the cut of the trousers and lace at the coat’s cuffs of an unfamiliar style. He carries a sword at his belt and a harp in its case over a shoulder.


Ffleuder Fflame was met in Stavintower, helping to keep up the spirits of nearly two dozen survivors of the zombie plague. Offering his assistance to the Talons, he tried to help during a withdrawal to a more defensible position, he fought off a zombie that had attacked a citizen, but was engulfed in the diseased gas issuing from the creature as it died.

He was placed, along with three other exposed, inside (a room/the cellar), while the bite victim was isolated. He quickly recovered from the effects of the disease.

Ffleuder Fflame

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