Enigmatic elf woman.


Isea (Ih-ZEE-ah) is a tall, enigmatic elf sharing features vaguely similar to Ralga Turathiel. She wore nondescript robes and produced Swarmsting, an incredibly powerful weapon in the form of a trident.


Approaching the Talons Uliana, Mai, Shae and Kailen outside of Stavintower, Isea provided information about Urlash Bonerender including his former master Orcus as well as the three objects of power the necromancer used to accomplish his terrible goals.

She indicated that she was an enemy of Deskari, but forbidden to actively interfere by “Mother”. In addition to the information, she offered to keep the Final Blade safe, and as a gesture of trust allowed the group to use her mighty weapon, which she claimed would be needed to destroy the ancient Orcus artifacts.

Returning the final blade to Shae with its physical form mysteriously changed into that of a massive sword, Isea expressed her approval of the Talons’ prowess and invited the group to visit her in the mountains.


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