Kailen Varn

CG half-elf swashbuckler


His mother, Tereselial (Tere for short) is an elven prostitute who, thanks to the slow aging process of elves, still works the streets at the ripe age of 180. Maegar never knew about, much less acknowledged his son. The only thing Tere received from Maegar to raise her son was a handful of gold coins on the night of his conception. Nonetheless, as the white-washed rumors of Maegar’s heroic demise swept through Rostland, Tere gave her son the swordlord’s surname, proud to tie her son to a Rostlandic hero. Kailen always suspected the truth was otherwise, however, and hated his putative father like he hated all of his mother’s clients.

As he grew, Kailen proved to be a quick study of the Aldoran fighting style, besting opponents nearly twice his size and with twice his experience. Rather than use his abilities for the good of Arcadia, Kailen instead chose to rook unsuspecting fops, sometimes with fatal results. Kailen soon found himself running from town to town across Arcadia and the River Kingdoms, usually in the wake of the humiliating defeat of another self-important minor noble, or because of a tryst with a beautiful, if married, woman. He continued fighting, however, hoping to gain enough money to convince his mother to quit Golarion’s oldest profession. Then and now, Tere made clear to Kailen she has no intention of making a career change—she is treated as a queen in Callisto’s well-managed brothels (100+ years of practice makes one quite the capable lover).

Distraught at his mother’s obstancy, Kailen turned his interest to the illegal dueling circuits in Daggermark, where the results were always death. Kailen remembers a patron who pushed him towards certain fight. Whenever Kailen attempts to recall anything about his patron, however, the details slip away like a dream upon awakening.

Kailen was stunned to receive the invitation to join Magitek University, especially since he never applied. He was even more surprised to feel a stirring of honor and national pride, having eschewed politics long ago. He hurriedly packed up his things, left the daughter of an important merchant sleeping in his bed, and rode off to Arcadia.

Kailen Varn

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