House Rules

In general, anything from the Core Rulebook, Advanced Class Guide, Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Equipment and Ultimate Campaign are allowed.

Unchained rules for Barbarian, Monk and Rogue may be used. Summoner uses the original rules from the APG. Occultist and Spiritualist may be used from Occult Adventures, but count as magic-based (arcane) rather than psychic.

Stamina is a feature available to all martial classes without the ability to cast spells. Fighters gain the Combat Stamina feat for free at 1st level; other non-spellcasting classes may pick it as a feat.

For the purposes of this game, daze effects are a lesser form of Stun effects. Defenses granting immunity to stun grant immune to daze, and so forth.

Banned by the Gods

Following the rise of Knallhart and Overkill, the gods themselves convened to pose limits on mortal power. As they had created the Red Mantis to guard against threats such as the Whispering Tyrant’s ascendancy, they established certain limits to slow down the spread of once-mortals with godlike power.

Magical Lineage is unable to be taken. (Magical trait that lowers metamagic spell level modifiers)

Mirror Image is modified. Gain 2+1 per 2 levels (maximum 5 at 6th level) mirror images, following the rules laid forth for standard Mirror Image.

Dazing spells effect a creature until the end of the affected creature’s next turn.
Dazing and Persistent (and possibly other offensive effect metamagic) have their spell level modifier doubled when casting spells with multiple targets.(+4)

Mythic Vital Strike is unable to be taken.

Legendary Items (Artifacts) are unable to be taken, and are only available upon construction.
Undetectable is modified. Undetectable by see invisibility, detect magic at 1, undetectable by truesight at 4, undetectable by blindsense, blindvision or tremorsense at 7, everything at 10.
Intelligent Artifacts may not cast spells with expensive material components (100 gp or more).

House Rules

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