Quests and Duties

Bring order to the region of Edme, Stavintower and Azurestone.
1. Locate and report on or deal with local resistance. Recent intelligence has confirmed that rumors of lingering Red Revolutionists and whispers of demon-worshipping cults are true.
2. Curtail the banditry that has been plaguing the roadways in the east, opening up the roads for travel.
Resources: The Warlord has two centuries of soldiers and a squadron of Arcaknights ready to be deployed on the Talons’ request.


Emerald Order (Nilch)
1. Creatures of this realm are wild and vicious. WIth the prey animals overhunted by man and beast over the past decades, the remaining predators have developed a taste for man flesh. Bounties have been placed upon many of the more dangerous animals. Dire bear, giant spiders, magical beasts and abominations like the rumored chuul that dwell in the Tantelle River must be reduced in numbers to keep the land in balance.
2. Capturing dangerous beasts alive is a worthwhile endeavor that brings much honor within the Order..
3. Rumors of fey sightings in the great forest Boarwood require further investigation. Where possible, such beings should be befriended.

Order of Syzygy (Camadon)
1. Edme was home to one of the accursed Final Blades, and despite our successes not all of the blades have been recovered. The recovery of these vile guillotines is of highest priority.
2. The Cult of Astoroth has been slow to take hold in Galt, possibly due to lingering supernatural influence, possibly from diabolic alliances forged during the chaos of the Red Revolution. Bring the light of Arcadia to those who can be saved, but remain vigilant for those who would cling to the old ways of usurpation and murder and thwart their plans.

Puella Magi (Shae)
1. A renowned captain of the Puella Magi, Shinobi Kazume, ventured out towards Edme weeks ago, tracking down rumors of a hidden blood cult that sought out forbidden artifacts. If you encounter her, give her whatever aid she requires in her mission.
2. Rumors fly regarding the dark deeds that have been committed by locals in eastern Galt. Crimes including murder, slaving, diabolism, banditry, and even cannibalism should be investigated and resolved in order to restore some semblance of order.

Acies (Kailen)
1. There are times when what cannot be accomplished politically must be dealt with personally. (ITEM) will radiate heat when you are within the presence of a target, who you will recognize as if from a dream.


Gunder Goldvein (Dwarf from Azurestone)
1. In the Fog Peaks south of Isarn, Gunder has located an ancient ancestral mine, currently occupied by a group of giants. He has offered 6,000 gold for proof that the mine has been cleared.
2. As a standing offer, he has invited the group to visit him at his estate in Azurestone, a city northwest of Edme.

Quests and Duties

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